I occasionally poke around internet forums for people on the autistic spectrum.  It’s possible that a number of my posts will be inspired by things I read there, much like this post is.

In this case, it’s about how some people tend to generalize about neurotypical people, or NTs for short.  Most days there will be at least a few new topics titled things like “Why do NTs do blah?” or “All NTs are blah!” and such.  They usually contain a few anecdotes about behavior the poster has encountered in people, which have then been generalized to all NTs, often in a derogatory way.  Granted, not everyone does this.  In fact, it’s a possibility that only a minority of people do this; I have never personally counted.  That said, it happens frequently enough that it feels like a trend, and I don’t like that one bit.

Personally, I really dislike it when people generalize about groups I’m in.  It’s not fun for people to have assumptions about what Aspies “must” be like, and then assume that I must be like that too, especially when those assumptions are insulting.  It’s also not fun for someone to tell me “I know someone who has Asperger’s and they aren’t like you, so you must be wrong about having Asperger’s.”  Believe it or not, that has actually happened to me.  Broad generalizations are really harmful when they are applied in a concrete way.  As such, I really wish I didn’t see that kind of behavior so very frequently within the ASD communities I’ve seen.  Surely we can be better than that.

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