As is apparently normal for aspies, I have a history of failed therapy.  As such, I’m kind of leery of psychiatrists and psychologists and therapists and the like.  Nonetheless, I am trying again!  The hope is that with the diagnosis and with a psychologist who specializes in working with aspies, things might go better.  Especially since from everything I hear, aspies do not respond to typical therapeutic practices the same way that NTs do, which is why so many of us have histories of failed therapy.

In any case, my first therapy appointment was yesterday.  I’d say it went fairly well, and I’m feeling hopeful for the future.  I got to ask her my various questions about Asperger’s that I had been wondering about after I did some looking around, she asked me some questions, and we went over some initial problems to address in the future.  This is going to be specific, targeted therapy, that involves identifying specific problems and helping me find solutions to them.  Apparently I have a bit of a head start as I have already found my own solutions to many problems aspies face, but there are definitely things that I have not figured out, so hopefully this will help.

The plan is for my next session to specifically target helping me re-define my concept of friendship.  I guess we’ll see how it goes.  In the meantime, I have homework!  It just occurred to me that this blog might not be a bad place to put some of what I write for therapy.

Entirely unrelated to the above – I want to think up a new name for this blog.  I like to pretend that someday people might read this, and I’d like these hypothetical people to be greeted by a better name than what I have.

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