Just recently I finished reading the book Aspergirls.  I had really high hopes for this book, and I was looking forward to writing a glowing review.  Unfortunately, I find I am more ambivalent about it, and I still can’t decide if I would recommend it for others to read.

In some ways, it was well put together.  It generally focused on practical advice, and helping to understand our oddities.  Every chapter had a section on advice targeted to aspergirls, and another section with advice targeted to parents of aspergirls.  A few chapters even had bits of practical advice that I am seriously thinking about doing myself.  It also happened to have the very best reason to refrain from attempting suicide that I have ever come across, and I really liked the author’s approach to medications.

Unfortunately, the chapter on gluten-free diets and related things really put me off.  I think at some point I should do some homework and put together a proper post about that whole topic.  For not, it suffices to say that whenever someone starts talking about undefined toxins which somehow hurt us in vague and indescribable ways and expects to be taken seriously, I roll my eyes and move on.  We might as well all start using detox foot pads and expect to get better.

Overall, if you read it, take it with a grain of salt.  Of course, I would advise that anyway with any informative book on Asperger’s, just because Asperger’s has so much scatter and variety, but with this one I advise it extra-hard.


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  1. would you be willing (i know it’s been awhile) to share the reason to refrain from attempting suicide?

    • gothic_feline

      Basically, because the hospitals people send a person to once they have attempted suicide are Very Bad Places. Therefore, one should not do anything that might end in getting stuck in one of those places, or allow such people to have power over you.