The Way I See It

I just recently finished reading “The Way I See It” by Temple Grandin.  I must say, I REALLY liked this book, oodles and lots.  While I would not say that I agreed with everything she said, overall it was very practical and focused both on ways to help with ASD issues and ways to promote ASD strengths.  As with most books I’ve come across it had a strong focus on children, but it did have a section dedicated to adults and adult issues, and even the sections for children had a lot of good advice that could cross age groups.  Overall, I definitely recommend it.

The only part that gave me pause was the section on the ‘extreme male brain’ theory, which really makes my feminist self twitch.  However, that particular section was very, very short, so it did very little to detract from the overall book, which was really quite long.  Luckily, it was broken up into short sections, which made it easy to read as much or as little as I wanted to at any given time.

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