I had an aspie moment today

But not a bad aspie moment.  No, it was a very enjoyable aspie moment.  My bf Nee and I went to the bank today, and while there he wanted to open an account.  So after I did my things I joined him with the bank fellow.  While there I spotted something on his desk – a sticky note dispenser!  Nothing special or extraordinary, but I wound up fixated on it for the entire time, and needed to practice significant restraint to keep from asking a bunch of questions about it.

So while I was trying to act like I was participating in a relevant way, my brain was off obsessing about sticky notes.  I pondered how they would have to be different in order to work in a dispenser (the glue would have to alternate sides).  I wondered where he got that particular kind.  I imagined ways a factory could make those kinds of sticky notes on very large pieces of paper, that could then be cut to size.  One time when they guy had to do things elsewhere for a bit, I picked it up and inspected it, noting the bit that was spring loaded, and how the bottom was weighted.

At the same time I also started being very amused at myself for being so fascinated by something so trivial.  I love my tendency to fixate on random little things, and office supplies are frequent targets.  Aren’t office supplies great?  Yes they are!

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  1. Oh god yes. I am absolutely in love with staplers. The whole idea of it! It’s so simple and brilliant! And someone finally showed me a couple of months ago how to use those fish jaw thingies (I have no idea how else to describe them) to get staples out again. I think they were rather amused by the fact that I couldn’t figure it out for myself.