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I don’t think I write posts here frequently enough.  Apparently I suck at balancing, and lean towards “not posting often” in an effort to refrain from posting all willy-nilly like.  Anyway, that’s not the point of this post.  The point of this post is the facebook game The Sims Social.

I admit it, I play.  Like many, many things I do, I do it somewhat obsessively, because I’m like that.  What I find interesting is that the game is chock full of small tidbits of social lessons.  I figured I’d list a few of them here (whatever I can think of off the cuff, really.  apparently I am not sufficiently obsessive about this blog to really plan things out).

1. Socializing is good, but it has to be balanced.  Too much isolation is limiting, but so is too much socializing.  Personally (irl) I tend to err towards too much isolation.

2. When conversing, it’s important to let the topic change.  Talking lots and lots and lots on one particular thing is not such a good thing (obviously, in real life this has a bit more nuance).

2a. It’s ok to talk about yourself.  It’s not ok to make yourself the only topic of conversation.

3. “Friends” is a bottom-tier positive label, not a top-tier.  There are many and lots of layers of social relationships, not just a few.

4. Friendships take maintenance.  The higher-level the friendship, the more maintenance it requires.  Without regular positive contact, they tend to go away.

5. Negative relationships also take maintenance.  Apparently relationships in general are subject to entropy.

6. If a friendship is going bad, sometimes it’s easier to just let it go and start over from the beginning than it is to try to make it be what it used to be.

7. You don’t insult your friends.  “Friendly insults” are rarely friendly.

8. The closer you are to someone, the more things you can do with them.  You don’t do high-level actions with low-level friendships.

9. Even the most introverted sim needs to talk to people once in a while.

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  1. Neeneko

    Hrm. I did not know about the topic mechanic. Neat ^_^