Sheldon Cooper

I have FINALLY gotten around to watching The Big Bang Theory.  Or at least, starting to watch.  Ok, I’m through season 1 and eagerly awaiting more discs from netflix.  Rather predictably, I want to talk about Sheldon Cooper.  Now I admit it, I freaking adore him.  I do not always like him (sometimes I find his arrogance distasteful), but I do adore him.  I find him to be like a particularly extreme version of me.

We’re both socially awkward.  We both have difficulty with metaphors.  We both do well with explanations like “it’s a non-optional social convention.”  We both prefer to be blunt, and for other people to also be blunt.  We’re both baffled by people’s strange rituals.  We both avoid looking at people. Really, I can relate to him.  A whole freaking lot.

Ok, we’re not exactly alike.  I’m pretty sure I’m not as arrogant as he is.  He has been quite open about feeling no need for human companionship, while I do have a need for friendships/relationships.  As a side note – by some people’s standards, his lack of interest in all forms of social contact would put him more as a high functioning autist rather than an aspie.  At least for as long as those differences have any meaning.  I would probably never ask “what’s the right thing to say to make this conversation end?” though I am very likely to ask just the first part.  Plus, well, he’s just more extreme than I am.  By lots.  Of course, that’s what makes him funny on TV.

I find it interesting to watch him interact with the other characters.  Once in a while I find myself frustrated on his behalf because the other characters are failing to simply explain to him what he’s doing wrong.  I think it’s supposed to be funny because he should know when his behavior is inappropriate without being told, and he clearly doesn’t.  I guess some of the humor hits a little too close to home for me, so it stings a bit.  Mostly, though, I find the show awesome and hilarious.

Oh, and I saw a video on youtube where Johnny Galecki was doing an interview on The View.  At one point (2:45) he mentions that he’s met lots of people who say they know someone like Sheldon, but no one who says they ARE like Sheldon.  Random entirely silly open letter time!

Dear Mr. Galecki,

I am one of those people who considers myself to be like Sheldon Cooper!  You probably don’t meet us because most of us aren’t quite so inclined to go to the places where we can meet actors.  Our more normal friends do that.  But we exist!



Right, ok.  I can pretend like he’ll read that, right?

Random note: I did find it interesting that Sheldon has some capacity to play pretend.  I have done a lot of trying to play pretend, but I am not particularly good at it.

Oh, and to the young genius who made an appearance on one episode: yes, we CAN end sentences on prepositions.  It is not a grammatical error, and as a supposed genius you really should have know that.

OH it feels good to get that out of my system.

In conclusion: I love Sheldon Cooper.  I can relate to Sheldon Cooper.  I SO am looking forward to how his character develops as the show goes on.


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  1. Deborah Haney

    Have you ever considered writing as a profession? You are quite good at it.

    • gothic_feline

      Thank you! I’m not so sure I could write professionally, but it is something that I like to fantasize about. Writing is cool.