As anyone who has been reading my blog has probably noticed by now, I sometimes get frustrated at all of the focus on AS as a collection of deficits.  I frequently wish that there would be more focus on abilities and advantages AS people can have.  Well, I figured that if that is something I want, I might as well be part of the solution.

Then I found this article.  It’s about Aspie ability!  In this case, about something called “perceptual load capacity” or the ability to notice multiple things at a time.  It’s actually something that is often framed as a problem – aspies can get distracted.  However, all it takes is a small re-framing of what’s going on, and suddenly it can be seen as an ability that other people don’t have.

This sort of thing is largely why I’d prefer to look at AS as mostly about differences.  I know not everyone agrees, and there are aspies out there who are very frustrated with the way they are, but I honestly view that as yet more reason why it’s important for there to be more focus on strengths.  And really, it seems to be so easy to take a difference (like this perceptual load capacity thing) and frame it as a problem even when it doesn’t need to be that way.

So hey, aspies notice things.  Go us!


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  1. Tricia

    Whoa, way cool! I had always chalked that ability up to a combination of being a woman and ADD. (Why as a woman? Because in my life, I’m always pointing things out to men, but I find that most women had already seen what I had seen. I had theorized that it was because women in general are observant of who is around them, such as when walking down a street alone. )

  2. Judi

    Kinda like the power of positive thinking, People cant always look at things as a negative because if they do that is exactly what it becomes.

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  6. Some autistic people also make very good people to manage a crisis. Because they notice a lot of things and don’t reach the same kind of informational overload that other people sometimes have trouble with in crisis situations. Also, in those kinds of situations, a tendency not to “read” other people’s emotional states as an instinctive response can keep an autistic person from panicking just because everyone else is panicking (herd instinct).

    There’s loads more! I think Tony Attwood has a list of strengths on his website somewhere too.