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Sorry about missing last week, everyone. My life has been kind of weird.

For today, just a short thing regarding some cool stuff people are doing.  Basically, there are a few theaters out there who have begun showing sensory/autism friendly screenings of some movies or plays, specifically to cater to people or children on the spectrum.  Honestly, I think this is pretty nifty.

AMC Theaters have started having sensory-friendly screenings once a month at quite a few of their theaters. They keep the lights higher than usual, the sound lower than usual, and they lift their usual “silence is golden” policy, so it’s ok if children can’t stay silent.

The Theater Development Fund (TDF) has been working to increase theater accessibility for a while now, and recently started having autism friendly shows. They also are being careful about sound and light levels.

Over in the UK/Ireland, Odeon Cinemas are doing the same thing.

Overall, I give my commendations to these three groups, and any others I haven’t encountered yet that are doing the same thing.

Of course, this being my blog, and given one of the reasons I started this blog, I can’t let this go without at least a little bit of further commentary. It’s not always clear as to whether these shows are for anyone on the autism spectrum regardless of age, or only for children on the spectrum and their parents/family’s. It would be disappointing to me if adults were excluded. While I am capable of going to movies and such (which means these things perhaps aren’t for me anyway), it is a stressful and challenging experience that I can only do when I’m feeling up for it. The idea of going to a movie where I won’t have to deal with quite so much sensory bombardment is quite appealing to me. I intend to contact AMC theaters to see what they have to say on the matter. If they get back to me, I will post an update to let you all know.

Still, overall I want to say that this is a step in the right direction, and hopefully we will see more steps forward in the future.

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  1. geeksdoitbetter


    what an awesome idea!

    i totally want to try this out