I Stand With Henry

I’ve decided I might as well add my voice to the choir here. Have you heard of Henry? He is an autistic boy who wants to go to school, and can’t. Not because he isn’t actually capable of it, but because the school won’t let him. His parents even offered to pay for an aide for him at the school, and they still won’t let him.

This is discrimination, and it is NOT ok.

Henry himself has written a brief blog post about wanting to go to school. More details about what’s going on can be found here.

Henry deserves to have a chance at getting a proper education. He deserves to have a chance to try. He deserves to be able to show the world, or at least the school, what he is capable of. He does not deserve to be shut out right from the start.

Also, I do not believe that this is only about Henry. This is also about all autistic people who want the opportunity to show what we can do, but are being shut out before we ever can. It’s about how it needs to not be ok to do that.

So, please, check him out. Make some noise. He deserves our support.

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  1. That.. is pretty sureal…

    Then again I remember spending a year being bussed to another school since mine didn’t have the support structure in place for someone like me.