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So there’s this guy, by the name of Matthew Morgan. I don’t personally know him, though he did graciously answer a few questions I sent him regarding a project of his.

That project being, Radio Sensory. To put it briefly, it’s a radio station that you can play in your media player on your computer (and possibly smart device, though I cannot personally vouch for that), that plays various sounds meant to be soothing. It is specifically for those of us on the autism spectrum who may at times desire or need repetitive, soft auditory input. He himself is on the autism spectrum (mild autism disorder, specifically), and uses his radio station around once a week or so.

Honestly, I think it’s a pretty neat project. He says he originally got the idea from reading posts in places like wrongplanet and yahoo answers, and seeing people talk about autistic children having a difficult time getting to sleep. In response, he made an internet radio station! That’s so cool! Heck, all I would do is blog about sleep.

Apparently there is a website where he can find sounds that are in the public domain, and tries to add around an hour of new content every two weeks or so. As far as I know it’s still a fairly young project and while he does actively work on it, it is not a high priority for him as not many people use it.

The main downsides are:

1. You need to download something (I don’t really understand what) and then play it through your media player. Browser-based listening should happen eventually, but is not currently possible.

2. You have no control over what sort of sounds you get, as it is a radio station. I find myself hoping that at some point in the future, if it gets more popular, there will be a variety of channels with different types of sounds so people can choose what they find most soothing. As it is, you turn it on and you get what you get.

Personally, I have found that if I am feeling wound up, turning Radio Sensory on for a little while can help a lot in finding my equilibrium. And that’s pretty nifty right there.

(and after having just shoveled around a foot of snow, some nice, soothing noises sounds really good right about now)

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