It’s that time of year again…

Autism Awareness day/week/month/whatever.

Or is it Autism Acceptance?

Or another word that we think might be better that also starts with A, because apparently alliteration is super important in our catch phrases?

I normally just stay quiet around all this. There’s just too much bickering around what word to use and what organization to support and the parents vs. autistic adults thing seems to get thrown into even sharper relief and I’m just not really sure what we’re trying to accomplish. I guess asking for a consensus is a bit much, but mostly I just try to duck under something safe and stay away.

Thing is, though, I’m not actually against the idea in principal. As absurd as it seems, I actually recently learned that there are still people out there in the western world who have never heard of Asperger’s Syndrome. Even if we’re only working for awareness in North America and Eastern Europe, which is a pretty narrow focus right there, we’re not actually done.

Though then I wonder why autism is so special that it gets the awareness month when there are so many other, debilitating yet almost entirely unknown health issues out there that have people struggling for awareness in a very real way. Sometimes it feels like, as a society, we’ve really focused on autism, but it’s also possible that I have some confirmation bias here, since I rather surround myself with autism-related things. I also sometimes worry that we’re lumping ALL developmental delays or disabilities in with autism, and I’m not sure that’s a fantastic thing to be doing.

Point is, I always get weird mixed feelings this time of year. I’m not sure if I want to try to bring some poignant, heartfelt words to the table only to see them lost among all the other poignant, heartfelt words and the bickering and the “I’m always aware!” and everything else that happens, or if I just want to avoid it all.

So as I do, I’m writing about those mixed feelings. This is what I bring to the table – myself, my ambivalence, my thoughts, and my words. I do have a metaphorical horse in this metaphorical race, so maybe staying out of it entirely isn’t quite the right answer for me. So instead I participate in the odd, not-entirely-in-it way that I do.

Jumping a bit, this month also gets me thinking about autism tattoos. I do have tattoos and sometimes I think about getting an autism tattoo. Except I intensely dislike the whole puzzle thing and I refuse to get a tattoo that uses it. Which leaves me wondering – what else is there?

No really, do you know anything? Because I sure don’t.

Anyway. I rather doubt I’m going to be acknowledging autism awareness/acceptance/other word that starts with A month beyond this post. When it gets really loud I lose my ability to make my voice heard, and in the autism world this month sure is loud. Loud and messy and not very friendly to my brain. Which I guess is not that surprising, in a disjoint “community” that seems to bicker as much as it does anything else. Maybe someday, when we’ve managed to mend some of these rifts, it will be different.

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  1. Possum

    As usual I like your clarity. You’re right, why so much autism month, when there are so many other differences?

    Two possible explanations that I can think of.

    1) Where I live, San Francisco, Autism Speaks has huge billboards. They have the money to plaster their opinions up like that. But, how did they get all that money?

    2) The current culture is obsessed with everyone engaging in social interaction, much more so than I remember from the 60’s and 70’s. That there are people for whom “social” isn’t either a natural skill, a default, or a priority introduces the possibility that this obsession may not be universally beneficial, so those people need to be “fixed”.

    I also never thought much about it but you’re right. A time when lots of people are speaking out all at once isn’t the best time to make ones individual voice heard.

    As usual, a good clarifying post.