Quick Question

Hey folks! I have a question. How would you feel about it if I went back to posting twice a week, but my thursday posts were more personal, what’s-going-on-in-my-life or whatever I feel like thinking or writing about posts, rather than things specifically related to my blog?


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3 responses to “Quick Question

  1. Possum

    Having started a blog (on a topic unrelated to this one), and having that blog on hold at the moment, I now understand just how hard it can be to generate that many posts, but if you’re willing to, I, for one, would love more posts about what’s happening with you. a) When you write those posts I find them interesting and b) I like reading about someone who is like me at least more than most people are.

  2. My interest is your Aspie-related postings, but if you do a dual-focus blog, that’s not in the least bit a problem! Please, go ahead.

  3. I’m following because of Aspergers but write what you like.