Labels (pictures)

Nee got a label maker. It’s lots of fun. It also means I get to take pictures like this one:

<image is of me with a label that says “autistic” across my forehead>

I can label myself if I want to! No one gets to tell me that I can’t.

People like to say things about how we shouldn’t define ourselves with labels or labels are boxes or whatever else, but usually they only mean some labels. The labels they have decided are bad. I have lots of labels. No one but me gets to dictate which ones stay and which ones don’t.

<image is of me, this time with many labels scattered across my face>

There’s nothing wrong with labels. Only with trying to tell me that some labels are bad and I should get rid of them.

Also, now my face feels funny.


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4 responses to “Labels (pictures)

  1. Trudy

    I love it! You look like you had fun with the label machine… and it gets the point across to visual people! And now we also know what you look like, which is great 🙂