About Me

The basics – I am an adult trans man on the autism spectrum, diagnosed as an adult.  I wrote about my journey to getting the diagnosis here, so I do not feel the need to get into it again.  Suffice to say, getting that diagnosis answered a LOT of questions I had about myself, and really helped me on my overall journey towards happiness and self acceptance. Since I like to write and I apparently have things I want to say, I started this blog shortly after getting diagnosed.

Aside from my identity as a trans Aspie, I crochet, I enjoy doodling and writing on occasion, and I like to assemble things.  I have somewhat of an obsession with organization as well, though you wouldn’t necessarily guess that from the state of my house.  ^_^  I am in a happy but rather unorthodox relationship with my significant other Nee, with whom I live.

Since for some reason I enjoy writing things like this, here is a random list of things I like:

books that are over 100 years old
my kindle
fun socks

Also, requisite self promotion – if you like what I write, please share my blog! Like it, +1 it, do whatever it is you do on your preferred social media website, tell your friends, tell the world! I want to change the world, and I need your help to do it.

13 responses to “About Me

  1. Keep up the excellent work. It may not seem it at times, but you are making a difference.

  2. Dear Andraya,

    I’m Myriam Leggieri and I’m a PhD student in computer science
    (http://www.insight-centre.org/users/myriam-leggieri) with a passion for
    social issues. Since social work doesn’t pay much, I’m trying to use my
    programming skills to help society nonetheless, especially those people
    more in need. I volunteer for an autism-related charity in my city,
    Galway, Ireland (Galway Autism Partnership) and that’s where the idea of
    a mobile app to support independent living for adult with autism raised.

    I’m currently developing a mobile app called “My Ambrosia”
    (my-ambrosia.com) that is a weekly meal recommender (for healthy diet
    style), planner (to take the fuss out of organizing) and grocery
    shopping support (to never waste or run out of food items).

    The idea was accepted to the second stage (out of three) of the Student
    Entrepreneur Awards competition, so that I’m now in the process of
    writing a Business Plan.

    In particular, I’m running a Market Research and I’d love to get
    feedback on the concept behind my app, from adults with autism. I’m a little struggling with this
    because all the charities I contacted deal with children and parents of
    children with autism, rather than with adults.

    Could you kindly help me out by simply filling the questionnaire at
    http://my-ambrosia.com/?q=survey , please? Also it
    would be super-awesome if you could spread the word and ask your friends to fill the questionnaire.

    I read that you usually eat the same thing for long time frames. I wonder, how would you like an app to recommend the best meal for you, taking into consideration your own preferences? Maybe the recommender could stick to only a small set of food items that you like in this specific time period. It would suggest the best combination of those food items which may not be the healthiest ever but still as healthy as you can get, while satisfying your current wishes.

    Thanks a million in advance! and keep up the great work 😉

  3. Possum


    I wanted to respond to your latest, hopefully not last, blog post and this is the only way I could find to do it. I so hope none of the troll-like people find this.

    I’ve been reading all of your blogs but laying low on responding because I felt like I was doing too much of that lately, so I wasn’t following the comments. Now I wish I had been.

    The negative comments didn’t appear to me to be coming from anyone who had any interest in autism issues, much less the intersection of neurodiversity and the politics of oppression. I suspect what happened is that someone with an interest the unnamed issue regularly searches the internet for content related to their issue and when they find something they perceive to be detrimental to their cause they organize email campaigns. I’ve seen this around other issues.

    FYI: I don’t know much about the specific issue in your post. I found it interesting and intend to learn more. But in the early 80’s I took adult education classes in the relevant language and learned about the culture from people who grew up in it. The fundamental issues you discussed were a big topic then and I think the comparison you made was valid and important.

    All the best,


  4. I sincerely wish to say your blog has shown a great deal of both profoudness and kindheatedness as well as interest as, I’m also autistic for, I have Aspergers and I try do do my best to live in this world which at times seems strange but, I enjoy your posts..


  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I
    am waiting for your further write ups thank you once again.

  6. Dear Andraya,
    My name is Vered Seidmann and I am conducting a study on Autism and the Social Media. I am a PhD student at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information Studies (WKWSCI), in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I study the voice and the presence of autism as reflected in social media. The direct voice of autistic people is under-explored and I find it extremely important to listen to the unique voice of autistic people. Your blog provides extremely important insights about autism and about being autistic and I was wondering if I can be in touch with you for more detailed explanation.
    If you are willing, I would be very grateful to be in touch with you directly via e-mail and send you more detailed information. My e-mail address is: vered001@e.ntu.edu.sg .

    Thank you,
    Vered Seidmann
    Research Student

  7. I just like the helpful information you supply in your articles.
    I will bookmark your blog and test once more right here frequently.
    I’m slightly sure I’ll be told many new stuff proper right here!
    Best of luck for the following!

  8. Bo Olympiadis

    Do you have any long term goals of perhaps writing a book ?

    • I’ve thought about it. I’m still not sure what I would actually write about, though. I do sometimes think about compiling my “How Do I Adult” posts into an e-book.

  9. autisticwild

    I think you have very well expressed about me section as well, I’m glad to say hello unto a fell person with Aspergers

  10. knitaddictlovecats

    I have mild Aspergers Syndrome like you and find it hard to make friends. I’m like you, I don’t have just one topic that I enjoy talking about or doing. That’s so judgemental of the psychologists. But I talk rather blunty sometimes that I should probably get some training in that area. I’m of Asian descent and I have no idea about my family history but life was difficult for me from the start as I am hearing impaired as well. So I wonder if the hearing impairment and language delays are related?

  11. Aspergers and Me, your blog is currently included on our Actually Autistic Blogs List (anautismobserver.wordpress.com). Please click on the “How do you want your blog listed?” link at the top of that site to personalize your blog’s description.
    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)

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