Have an idea?

Is there something in particular (or in general) that you’d like to see talked about? Is there a topic you want me to go over? Do you have a question you want me to answer? From here, you can go ahead and tell me all about it. I make no promises that all suggestions will become blog posts, or that they will do so quickly. Nonetheless, I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, or feedback!

3 responses to “Have an idea?

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  2. dopeoomph

    I’d like to tell you, that I really like your blog and I found it while i searched for Sheldon and Aspergers, since i feel like I can relate to him too. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time now, and finally did it. Thanks for inspiring me to do so:) I’d be more than happy if you check out my blog:
    Keep up the good work:)

  3. Dianne

    Hello, I am relieved to have found your post & I am looking forward to reading everything. I picked up my iPad & googled aspergers & misunderstandings. Instead of having a good day with my husband having a day off work, it has been filled with pointless misunderstandings. We are both at fault. But even after 14 yrs of marriage, this is my number one issue that causes daily arguing. I will be talking about something neutral, anything, it can be about feeding the birds & he is sharp to pick up things I say & get mad & irritated. Accusing me of saying something that I didn’t mean. It is if he has a court reporter typing everything in his head. He also misreads my face on a daily basis. Such as today I have a backache & headache but he took the look as me being mad at him. I liked that you talked about admitting ones word error. Some posts just encourage the NT to always be patient & accommodate the AS. But that is not always possible because a good relationship has to come from both parties trying. Aspergers does effect every area of our lives.

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