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Getting more intense

This is just a personal experience post, about how things are like for me. I have fairly acute senses. Actually, I’ve always had fairly acute senses. Just as a quick run-down:

My eyes are quite sensitive to light.

I can hear into a much higher range than most people.

I have a very sensitive nose and seem to be able to smell things other people can’t.

I don’t know if it’s really a sensitivity thing, but I cannot deal with being lightly touched. I find it incredibly painful.

This has always made things rather, shall we say, interesting for me. Sound always seemed to be the big one. I can get overwhelmed and in pain from sounds that no one else can hear. I’ve had people think I was being sarcastic when I was crying in pain with my hands over my ears, because they just couldn’t hear the sound that was causing me pain. Many neurotypicals seem to have a lot of trouble wrapping their minds around how I can be struggling with sensory overload just from walking down the street, but it’s always been a thing for me.

Thing is, though, I’ve noticed for several months now that everything has been getting even more intense.

Sounds that used to be fine are now starting to hurt. Everything seems louder than it used to be. For instance, I’m turning down the volume on the tv more and more, I’m finding it easier and easier to hear Nee (who can be extremely soft-spoken), and I’m starting to have problems with my keyboard being too loud. It isn’t even a clicky keyboard, but I’m finding myself wishing it was much quieter. Sadly, being that I insist on using a split keyboard, the options out there are slim. Most upsetting is that I’m having trouble with bubblewrap! Popping them is very satisfying for my fingers, but the sound hurts.

I’m finding similar things happening with sight, smell, and even taste. Everything is just so much more than it used to be! As it had already been so much, the moreness is being quite challenging. I’m not sure why it’s happening, though. The anti-depressants are my best guess, but it’s really only a guess.

Though really, the reason why it’s happening is of secondary concern at most. It can be tempting to focus everyone on why something challenging is happening, but it often does little good. What I need to focus on is finding new ways to cope. I may have to go shopping for a new keyboard, maybe even re-adjusting to a normal keyboard rather than this huge split one. I’ll probably have to start wearing headphones or earplugs more. I may need to wear my prescription sunglasses around, when before I only wore them to drive.

What do you do to deal with sensory overload or particularly acute senses? Also, I’ll be doing my own googling, but do you happen to know of any extremely quiet keyboards?


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