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I am not a puzzle


I am not feeling terribly inspired this week, so I’m just going to do a brief rant about how autism is symbolized.  I don’t like the puzzle, I don’t like being represented by a puzzle, and I don’t like trying to separate ASDs from those on the spectrum with claims that it only represents the autism.  Don’t care, do not like.

One of it’s representations (probably the one I take greatest issue with) is that it represents how autism, or people on the spectrum, are “puzzling.”  So taking a quick look at that – I am puzzling, people don’t always understand me or the way that I think and process the world, therefore I am a puzzle.

However, I find neurotypicals puzzling.  I don’t always understand them or the way they thing and process the world.  Does that mean that they are a puzzle as well?  No, it means that I am deficient in some way, disabled by being on the spectrum and cut off from everyone else.

Partly I sorta resign myself to that attitude.  Neurotypicals are in the majority and they get to decide what fits and what doesn’t. They get to say that their standard is the only standard, and they get to point at me and say I am puzzling but they are not. Nonetheless, I protest being symbolized that way.  I make total sense to me, and neurotypicals finding me puzzling does not somehow mean that I *am* a puzzle.


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